I’ve used that word a lot lately.

The bronchoscopy went well and they were able to get a lot of fluid off Mattie’s right lung, however they did also see a large mucus plug that was not in a good place. So today, they went back in to try to remove it. This was a minor surgical procedure, and Mattie did great. They couldn’t find the mucus plug, so his body either already got rid of it, or it dropped too low in the lung for them to see. If that is the case they will leave it there and allow the body to get rid of it on its own. They will xray him again tomorrow to see where it is now or if it’s even there.

We are still waiting and PRAYING that the insurance issues will be worked out so that Mattie can fly to Kansas City as is tentatively planned FOR THIS FRIDAY!!! Please agree with us in pray that all will go smoothly with insurance and transport to KC. We would love to be in KANSAS CITY for Thanksgiving.



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