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Our Boy

Can you believe this big, strong boy? He’s dreamy isn’t he! Off the vent and even off the nasal canula.

John and I did a HWY 71 switcheroo yesterday. We both drove, met up at exit 58 to be exact, had a quick bite to eat, switched vehicles and cities. So at the moment Daddy is safe and sound with Mattie boy in St Louis, and I am back in Kansas City with 5 of my beautiful children who were delighted to see me.

At the moment, Mattie is schedule to FLY TO KANSAS CITY on Friday morning. Please please pray for the insurance issues to be resolved in the next day or two. We thought it was taken care of and then realized that the hospital had filed it under the wrong insurance. So we are waiting and praying.

We would LOVE for this to happen by Friday! John will stay with him til he leaves, and I will be at Children’s Mercy to meet him when he arrives.

Mattie is having a bronchoscope today to get some fluid/mucus out of his right lung. We are hoping this clears up all of the congestion which has been bothering him. They will have to intubate him today for this procedure but hope to have him extubated again soon.

Thanks for all the prayers.



8 thoughts on “Our Boy

  1. It literally took my breath away when I opened the email and saw his beautiful little face, eyes wide open and good health increasing day by day.

  2. Such a sweet little face! Oh my goodness that picture brought tears to my eyes. We will continue to pray. Praise God for all the progress he has made!

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