ex·tu·bate (ek sto̵̅o̅bāt′, -styo̵̅o̅-) transitive verb extubated -·bat′·ed, extubating -·bat′·ing to remove a tube from (a part of the body, as an air passage) Origin: ex- + tub(e) + -ate

Mattie was extubated on Thursday morning. Here he is resting peacefully after he was taken off the ventilator.

And for two weeks, this is what I have longed for.

This tiny boy has captured my heart and I will never be the same.

Our boy is valiant and strong.

He is full of fire and fight.

He takes my breath away.

With one glance of his eyes I melt.

And this I know, my son, you are a magnificent work of the mighty hand of God. You are for signs and wonders. Your life will declare the beauty and power of the one who created you. You will live to make His name known.

In the past 24 days, you have spoken by your very existence that God is great and greatly to be praised. I believe that in the years to come, you will speak with your eyes, with your words, and with your very actions, and the lives of many will be transformed.



7 thoughts on “Extubated

  1. I can only imagine how much peace and comfort your loving embrace brings to Mattie. That first moment of contact must have been amazing for you both. So glad you found a photographer to capture these moments. : )

  2. YES! AMEN! Oh the powerful testimony our litte ones r going to have!! The world is and will be moved by Mattie and Jonah:-) even today I met with two ladies who helped us with Jonah– the one told her father about Jonahs story and he was brought to tears! I KNOW these two will be great friends and will change this world for eternity! Blessssss you both! I love seeing pics of the two of u together! I feel the bond that u two have! How cool our God is!

  3. AMEN! I feel so honored and privileged before the Lord to have been a small part of interceding for this precious little one. Lord bless and keep Mattie as he grows strong both physically and spiritually in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  4. Tracie I don’t always comment but I am reading. Your son is amazing and I understand why you are smitten. Blessings to you and your whole caln– hope everything gets straightened out with the insurance. I for one know how stressful that can be. Early happy Thanksgiving.

  5. PRAISE GOD, Praise the Great Physician!! He is just too precious–I love the way God binds our hearts to those we pray for. My arms just ache to hold him–but I know you’ll do it for me! chuckle

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