Mattie’s First Days: Part 2 (A Visit from the Family)

Hope you don’t mind these catch up posts. The weekend after Mattie was born we were so blessed that all of our kids got to come and meet Mattie. The Toddlers were so excited and had a TON of questions as you can imagine.

A few days later Auntie Ne’ and cousin Teyolla got to visit Mattie too.

This picture was pretty emotional for me. I almost cried shooting it. Seeing Ne’s hands on my son with Derek’s and her wedding rings really got to me. I know Derek is looking down on this precious gift with love. Renee told me later that when she touched Mattie something happened in her spirit, she said, “He is exquisite and fashioned by the very hand of God.”

Yes indeed, fearfully and wonderfully made.


5 thoughts on “Mattie’s First Days: Part 2 (A Visit from the Family)

  1. Oh yes they do stir up a lot in me but what they stir up is much gratitude to the Lord that He sustained me in the journey to know His father heart towards me even though I grew up with a great Dad in my own family. Thank you again for being vulnerable enough to share your family with us. Daniel

  2. Oh wow- those pictures just made me cry! Cry because HE IS FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made…..because your family is fearfully and wonderfully made….and because God is our strength!!!!! đŸ™‚

  3. Exquisite indeed. My favorite pics are the one of your whole family (third from top) and the closeup of little Mattie–the sixth picture.

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