Mattie’s Pad

This is where Mattie hangs out. Thought this would give a bit of perspective.

Our boy is doing amazingly well. Making steady improvements. We need to continue to pray for the right lung to fully inflate, for his breathing to continue to improve so that he can get off the vent, and that his tummy would kick back into gear and start digesting food.

We are so encouraged that the blood cultures are continuing to get a negative reading for infection (GOOD NEWS), which means that the infection is no longer growing and the antibiotics are working.

He is off his medication for blood pressure and is being weaned of of the Nitric (for lungs).

Daddy said good bye yesterday. Hard for all of us to be separated again.

I cried when I uploaded these pictures from the camera. This Daddy loves his boy so much.


4 thoughts on “Mattie’s Pad

  1. Continuing to pray for you all!!!! This is not easy, but God will make a way…and will help you through this! Hang in there and know that you are covered in prayers!

  2. Oh! I have gotten WAY behind on reading your blog–MONTHS behind! But what a joy to spend this last thirty minutes catching up! Congratulations to you all, and know that we are praying for Mattie’s continued healing. He is just beautiful, and it makes my heart ache thinking of all he’s gone through already! But it sounds like he’s a fighter and He has the Lord and the prayers of the saints on his side.

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