Yesterday with My Boy

Our boy is doing so much better. He has lost almost a pound in water weight from swelling. He is off of his blood pressure medication and is slowly being weaned off of his other meds and vent settings. His right lung had collapsed and has started to show some improvements. Please continue to pray for his right lung to be completely healed so that he can be weaned off the vent. Also continue to pray for all infection to be driven out of his body. His rash is gone, his skin color looks so much better, and the two areas where he had some phlebitis are nearly healed.

We are so blessed by your support and prayers. Keep it up, it’s working!

We are currently in St Louis. John will travel home on Sunday with the kids and I will be here for the week.


3 thoughts on “Yesterday with My Boy

  1. You’re a beautiful Mama, and you’ve got one beautiful boy there. Thankful he is doing better and praying you all home and together quickly!

  2. Keep the good news coming and kiss his precious little head for me! The pictures are great! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Praying continues!

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