2 1/2 Days Sweet Boy

I’m going to see my boy in 2 1/2 days, maybe just 2 if I can get out of town Thursday night. My heart is ready.

Mattie is making slow but steady improvements. I won’t bore you with the numbers and little details, but my dad would be proud that I can give them if you ask.

The past few days, my sweet boy has been awake more often. Look at those eyes. Today John said that he was able to sit and talk to him and sing to him, and he just looked up at him very attentive. He also said that someone with my “vocal tonality” (leave it to a musician to know), walked into the room, and Mattie started looking around. John said that he was looking for me. I’d like to think that is the truth.

I am believing that on Friday when I get there, I will be able to hold my son. I miss him. My heart and my arms long for him.

Today when I called and let John talk to the three little ones, I over heard Elia saying, “Daddy, are you taking care of Baby Mattie? Are you petting his beautiful hair?” (Be still my heart!)

I am grateful for this time with my 6 at home. Nick is preparing for his trip to Poland. Tay and Isabelle need some “Mom Assistance” with homework.

And “The Terrific Trio,” well… the just need me.

Elia has not been napping. In fact yesterday, she snuck into my bathroom and emptied my make up bag, coating her glorious face with all sorts of glitter, as well as “trying on” my contact lenses, which are no more.

Emma is doing so well, as I have shared before. She is my morning alarm clock, making sure I get up and get everyone on the bus on time. Monday she was a bit late 7:22AM, but I still had them on the bus by 7:35AM (not sure how!)

Aiden, well he’s Aiden, and I can’t imagine what I ever did without his hugs and kisses (A.K.A. Licks). He was delighted as he talked to John to day about “BaBaBee.”

Thank you for your prayers. We are headed to St. Louis, either Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. Can’t wait to see my husband, the love of my life, and my son, who has stolen my heart.


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