Urgent Prayer Update

I was called to the NICU at 1:15AM because Mattie had experienced internal bleeding and had lost blood through his mouth/nose. They have him stabilized and the bleeding has stopped. They are currently switching him from the respirator he is on to a high frequency respirator. He aspirated some of the blood into his right lung. They think the bleeding was the result of a stomach ulcer caused by all the stress his body has been under. Please please keep praying for our boy.


9 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Update

  1. Oh, Tracie! Praying for all of you! May you feel the Comforter surrounding you and Mattie with His presence and His healing power.

  2. Dear Jesus,

    Please touch Matthias right now and may your blood cover him with healing right now in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  3. Absolutely! May God’s wisdom fill the doctor’s actions and His mighty hand of healing hold and restore Mattie to the fullest.

  4. Heavenly Father we lift precious Mattie up to you Lord God, and his faithful parents that despite any diagnosis Lord they believe in your sovereignty! We know it is by your stripes sweet Jesus that Mattie is healed! Father we humbly & unwaveringly thank you that in Exodus 15:26 you remind us “I am the God that heals you”. We speak your word over Mattie & dedicate his precious fragile life to you Father. We know then where we are weak, you O Lord are strong, You lift us up and carry us through. May your angels take charge of Mattie & may we shout from the rooftops the magnificence of your name for we know You are good & your mercy endures forever. Father we also thank you for Mattie that we know every good & perfect gift comes from you & just as you wove him together Father nothing is too big for You! Lord I lift up The Loux family Lord & I ask that you would minister to their thirsty hearts Lord & that you would bathe them in Your word. I bind the enemy and any attack he has put upon this family Lord, their lives are lived for Your glory & may they remain nestled up close to your heart sheltered beneath the shadow of Your wings everyday & everynight. In Jesus name, Amen!

  5. Lifting up a prayer as I type this! Our God is a God of HEALILNG, and we claim God’ healing for Mattie!!!! “Jesus Christ Heals You.” (I can’t remember the bible address, but I know it’s a verse, as it’s up on our son’s wall.)

  6. Dad and I continue to pray and believe. Jesus gave His blood that Mattie’s blood may be healed! Mattie’s life has already made a big impact but we’re praying, with you, for a greater impact as he walks out the life our good Lord has given him!! So glad John’s coming to be with you!! Love, Mom

  7. So happy to hear that Mattie had a peaceful night and that John was able to come and be with you both. Holding you all up before the Father!

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