In Today’s News: Mr. Matthias Samuel Loux

Saturday our kids came from Kansas City for a visit and they all got to meet Matthias. It was very sweet, and I’ll post pictures as soon as I upload them. In the mean time, here’s Emma observing her tiny brother very closely!

Friday our birthparents signed consent for adoption. Monday, we had our court appearance. In Missouri, before birth parent consents and adoptive parent legal guardianship is official, a judge has to approve the paperwork and accept it. Often times this takes up to a week or more after consent has been signed, leaving a revocation period where the birth parents can change their mind. We were blessed to get a near immediate court date so all adoption paperwork was official and irrevocable on Monday. As is standard with all adoptions, we now wait out the 6 month period before the adoption is finalized and we have a birth certificate with Mattie’s name official LOUX! Enough of the technical news!

This little guy has stolen our hearts. We are head over heels in love and just want to see our boy HOME! I cannot explain to you what this boy does to me. When I look at him, I am reminded of how very much Jesus loves us all. When I gaze upon the beauty of this child, it has released my heart to worship in such a deep way.

We continue to pray words of LIFE over our son and believe that the Lord will heal every crevice of his heart, both in physically and spiritually. I literally watch his respiration improve as I pray in the Spirit over him, read the Word over him, or sing over him.

We were told yesterday that Mattie could be in the NICU for “a while.” That apparently is the technical term, for “he’s not ready to go home and we don’t really know how long it will be.” In light of that the doctors here in St. Louis are willing to transfer Mattie to Children’s Mercy in Kansas City. They are currently working out the details of his transport, but we are hoping that sometime this week Mattie will be flown to Kansas City. (And no, they won’t let me fly with him. I asked.)

John, Isabelle and Elia drove home yesterday to man the fort, so I will catch a flight home when Mattie gets his ticket out of here.

Here’s Daddy and Belle saying good bye to Mattie. Isabelle was not happy to leave her tiny brother one bit.

Thank you for your continued love and support!


7 thoughts on “In Today’s News: Mr. Matthias Samuel Loux

  1. Man, my eyes are burning. I probably need to get my eyes checked again. Oh well, I love you! Thanks for the report. Love Papa. Oh, Mattie, Papa is going to stock a special fish in the new pond just for you. I think we will call it a grand…sonfish.

  2. I loved being able to touch and kiss this little angel over the weekend. He is so beautiful and I can’t wait to see him again. We love you little Mattie and we are all praying for you!
    Love, Auntie Ne’ and cousins

  3. Thanks so much for allowing us all to be a part of your incredible journey! We are eating it up. Baby Mattias is adorable and we are loving on him from afar…what a blessing for your family! Thanks and our prayers are with you!

  4. I love you all. I know the feeling of not being able to ride the helicopter with my son. I’m praying for you, sis.

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