Can’t Think of a Clever Title Tonight

We are settled into The Ronald McDonald House, just across from the hospital. This has been such an amazing blessings. Not only is it cheap ($5.00/night), they have a stocked kitchen and home cooked meals delivered and served by different community groups each night. There are great hang out places for Tay and Isabelle and amazingly comfortable rooms.

We had an appointment with our attorney this morning to sign all the adoption paperwork. Next to his office was the Cathedral Basilica of St Louis, so we stopped by for a short visit. Could have spent hours there. Beautiful mosaics everywhere. None of this is painting, all mosaics with tiny squares the size of your fingernail.

And for a Matthias Samuel update:

Mattie continues to improve both with this breathing and his jaundice. He was started on bottle feeding today, taking 10cc’s the first feeding and 11cc’s the second feeding- his first goal is to reach 15cc’s. The Neonatologist is hopeful that in a few days he can be weaned off of oxygen and the “blue lights.”

Today was the day that birth parent consent for adoption was signed and that we signed our initial adoption paperwork. We are grateful that Mattie has been placed in our family, but we are very aware of the healing that our precious birth parents need. We ask you to continue to pray for them. They are forever part of our family.

Our amazing attorney was able to get us a VERY QUICK court appointment. We will go to court Monday at 1PM to have all of the adoption paperwork approved (a Missouri requirement for all adoptions). Often it takes up to a week to get an appointment on the judge’s docket, so a Monday appointment is nothing short of a miracle.

Addendum: Oh and tonight, Mr. Mattie got his first bath and took 15cc’s of formula. I got in some precious eye gazing time too before he had to go back under the lights!


8 thoughts on “Can’t Think of a Clever Title Tonight

  1. That is AMAZING!!! So excited that your court apt is so soon!!!!

    And Mattie is of course AMAZING!!!!

    We are completely praying for the birth family as this is a hard decision, but we know that our God heals in ways that we can’t understand!!! PRAISE HIM for that!

    Keep up the great work Mattie!!! 🙂

  2. Congratulations to your family. Mattie is adorable. So glad he’s reaching his milestones quickly. And congrats on the quick court date.

  3. He looks so little in Tay’s arms! In the last picture, Mattie’s expression looks quizzical to me as if he’s thinking, “Is this my mommy?” Precious!

  4. Poor Mattie — not a fan of baths ?? But he is eating great and looks so healthy. Love the shades little blue man!! Peace filled
    weekend for you all.

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