Little Boy Blue

Mattie is amazing.

He is currently decreasing his need for oxygen. Down to 21% from the 60% he start with yesterday. He is under a Bili light for jaundice which is a pain because the don’t want him out from under the light much. So sadly we are having fewer snuggles than we were able to have yesterday.

Here’s our Little Boy Blue

Thank you for all the prayers. We will most likely be in the hospital til Monday at least. Still not super clear on that. We also will have a court date here in St Louis sometime next week. We are praying that it is set quickly so we don’t have to make a trip back. Would love to Discharge Monday and have court Tuesday.

We are loving our boy more than words can say. We have had an amazing time with our birth family and we thank you all for praying for them as well.

Back to my boy.

(Oh, and sorry for the phone pics. I don’t have the cord to download pics from the good camera. May need to find one!)


6 thoughts on “Little Boy Blue

  1. Mattie, Little Beauty Love, we are praying for you and trusting Jesus to flood your body with His healing power. We can’t wait to hold you in our arms and kiss your precious little cheeks. You have been rescued by the very hand of God and to think of that makes me cry….with joy of course. All your cousins are waiting expectantly to shower you with their love.

    You are priceless and we honor you and pray the most beautiful blessings over your life.


    Auntie Ne’ Ne’ and your tribe of cousins

  2. He is beautiful! Praying for Mattie’s birth parents and his forever family. Please kiss his precious head for me! : )

  3. He is just precious, enjoy you time and we are praying for you all to be at home together very soon!!

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