Matthias Samuel Loux Is Here!

Hello all, this is your favorite neighborhood web-elf, posting on behalf of John, Tracie and the clan. Stand up and cheer, for Matthias Samuel Loux!

Here is the proud Momma and Poppa with little Mattie!

This beautiful boy, the 7th member of the Loux kiddo clan, was born this morning at 4:15am, weighing in at 6lbs, 13oz and 18.5 inches long!

Right now this dreamy little boy is on a little oxygen for weak lungs, and appears to perhaps have an enlarged heart. I know John and Tracie would sure appreciate your prayers for little Mattie’s well being and quick release from the hospital!

Currently they are with Mattie in St. Louis, giving lots of love and snuggles! Come home soon Mattie! We can’t wait to squeeze your precious cheeks!


9 thoughts on “Matthias Samuel Loux Is Here!

  1. Welcome Matthias!! You are beautiful and look very happy in momma’s
    arms. Praying you get stronger every hour and you get to see the rest of your family soon.

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