It’s my job to help people through their adoptions. Over and over I get families who are on the bring of traveling for their adoptions, ask, “What should we give the birthmom as a gift?” Some times it is very dependent on the situation.  For Elia’s birth mom, we gave her a beautiful necklace and I had a matching one. I shared with her that I would give the necklace to Elia when she was old enough to understand her adoption.
Because both of Matthias’ birth parents were very involved in this adoption, we chose to start a scrapbook for them. We will be creating subsequent pages for this book, as the weeks, months, and years go on. We have started this book with 4 pages.
Here is the cover:
Page 1:
Page 2:
Page 3 contains a family  photo, and page 4 contains a letter to Matthias’ birthparents.
We will also be giving them a Bible.
There is no way that any gift will express our true thanks to them for giving Mattie the gift of LIFE, and for allowing us to have the blessing of being his parents.
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