Happy Birthday to My Hero

This is the man I love. He is my hero.

I cannot even fathom living life without him. I’ve been blessed to celebrate 20 birthdays with him, and every year I thank Jesus that he was born. I just think God had such a great idea when he came up with the plan for creating John Loux.

So Happy Birthday, my love. Thanks for getting me. Thanks for loving me, laughing at my jokes, and staring deep into my heart. Thanks for pouring your heart into me and into our children. You are a rare treasure.

The top 10 thinks I love about you:

1. You are kind.

2. You are hysterically funny.

3. You love well and give well to those you love.

4. You are faithful and devoted to those you love.

5. You  no longer iron your clothes, but you fluff them in the dryer before you put them on, which is equally as awesome as ironing.

6. You unplug my flat iron every day before I get a chance to use it so that we don’t burn the house down.

7. You are an amazing bee-slayer.

8. I love how you throw out the trash can lid with the trash.

9. You drive to “The Plaza” because if you can get there, you can most certainly find Chick-fil-A.

10. You talk to yourself. (Well, mostly you have conversations with people who aren’t there.)

Oh, and dear, sweet John. It’s time. Make that album of yours this year. I want to hear the music in your heart. You don’t have to get better, you are the best. You have what it takes, and I know now more than ever, that what is about to come out of you, will rock! 🙂

I love you, John

Happy Birthday,



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to My Hero

  1. Tracie is right John, get your stuff out there!

    I’ll add that John changed my life when God showed him some secret sin I was involved in and he called me on it.

    Thank you, John for loving me enough to show me tough love!

  2. Happy Birthday John! Your gentle love for your family and all those near you is such a blessing and a comfort! I hope you are abundantly blessed on your birthday! Love you John!

  3. Trace, I’m officially crying. 😉 Your heart is so beautiful. As is your husband’s. I love you both.

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