No Strings Attached

This week the Lord has been speaking to me about walking out the gospel with unconditional love, no strings attached. As we have been praying for our birth parents and the son they have asked us to raise as our own, as we prepared for our recent meeting with them, and as we now walk out the remaining days until Mattie’s birth, the Lord keeps reminding me of His love and asking me to walk with a “no strings attached” kind of love.

I was hit a few times with fear this week, wondering how my heart will take it “if” this adoption doesn’t take place. No adoption is certain until it is “official.” And as much as it would be human nature to hold back love or keep a part of my heart unconnected, I just can’t do it. I’ve chosen to love fully now. One day, I want to tell my son how I longed for his arrival, how I prayed, how I prepared, and how I loved him from the moment his life was made known to me.

But here’s the gospel truth. He loved me before I loved Him. He poured out His love, His very life, before I even knew His name. He gave all, so that I could be fully His. He did it all with no strings attached. He gave all.

So I’m loving my boy and his precious birth parents with no strings attached, fully committed to loving with all of my heart.


5 thoughts on “No Strings Attached

  1. What a lovely post! Many people are willing to “love” when it requires little sacrifice. The love you speak of is biblical love – sacrificial. For many Christians I know, they draw the line at money. It was our Christian friends (not the non-Christians) who told us three years ago we were “crazy” to put out thousands of dollars upfront and then to travel to the other side of the continent knowing that this was a high risk adoption and would take weeks for a legal resolution. It meant spending weeks in hospital by birthmom’s bedside when she got terribly ill during delivery and spending weeks with baby in NICU – holding her, feeding her, praying over her. I knew this mom would not put her trust in a loving God by me telling her over the phone, or by me swooping in and giving her a ten minute “thanks for your baby – by the way Jesus loves you” speech. I had to LIVE it with her. Crying together for that wee girl in NICU fighting for her life, while I cried private tears for mom because I was fighting for her very soul. Jesus won, by the way! The situation was legally resolved and our little girl is now 3 but I can honestly say I would have walked away satisfied and fulfilled had I left baby with mom, knowing mom was eternally secure. I mean, really, is $22,000 too much for a soul?!?! You’re on the right track in your thinking with this post! Many blessings, Jennifer

  2. Isn’t it soooo freeing when we finally allow the Lord to move in our adoptions. I will NEVER forget when the Lord was clearly telling both my hubby and I to love our daughter’s bmom no matter what…no matter if the adoption was successful for us or if she chose to parent. When I finished my little temper tantrums of all the ‘what if’s’ and I truly trusted God’s perfect plan for our unborn baby girl…the perfect plan to love our daughter’s bmom no matter what…I was able to give myself to our bmom 100%. I was able to love her in a way that I never knew was possible. The sheer joy and amazement as she placed our sweet girl in our arms forever was so unbelievably perfect. Knowing that we loved her ‘with not strings attached’ gave us such a deep bond with her (now with all our bmom’s)…it truly is a beautiful gift! Keep sharing this with other waiting families….it’s such a crucial piece of wisdom to share…oh, to pass on that gift of freedom if they are willing to accept it! Loving with no strings attached…sheer beauty of our Lord!!

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