Introducing Matthias Samuel

Well, here’s our boy. Isn’t he amazing. We are seriously in awe of the goodness and mercy of the Lord. There are many things about our visit today that I will not be sharing publicly on this blog. I want you to know however that the meeting went so well, and your prayers were felt.

“Matthias” means gift of God (chosen by our son Nicholas)

“Samuel” one of several meanings of this name was “requested of God” (chosen by our son Taylor) also in honor of our nephew Josiah Samuel (Derek and Renee’s son who died at age 2 1/2 of complications due to Spina Bifida)

Matthias Samuel, you are a gift that we asked for from the Lord. Your life is for His honor and glory.

“Mattie’s” life is miracle. The Lord’s hand is indeed upon this precious one.

We’re ready to roll any day now. We were told today that the due date is very loose, anywhere from October 2nd-26th. We have applied for a matching grant and hope that in the next week or so we can notify you of an “double your money” giving opportunity.


8 thoughts on “Introducing Matthias Samuel

  1. VERY EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Oh how precious 🙂 Trying to put some bits together for you….should be coming sometime soon 🙂

  2. This is no without a doubt the most beautiful ultrasound photo I’ve ever seen! I am in love with that little one already! I can’t wait!!!!!

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