We Speak LIFE!

I’ve been praying over our baby boy that God would “hem him in behind and before and lay His hand upon him.”

I’ve been praying over our birth parents that the “peace of God that passes all understanding would guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

We leave for St. Louis on Thursday for a Friday morning meeting with our birth parents. It is our greatest desire that they will feel the Love of the Father through our words and actions. We’re believing not only for this precious child to be healed and restored, but for the redemptive power of the Lord to reach into our birth parents hearts and minds as well.

I’ll be honest, I’ve asked a bunch of “what if’s” lately. The biggest one being, “What if this doesn’t happen?”

What will I do?

But here’s the bottom line, we’re committed to love. And we’re committed to LIFE, these three lives. As much as I fully expect that this adoption will happen, it’s hard not to wonder, as I wash baby clothes, gather baby gear, and prepare our home for Little Loux #7, “What if it doesn’t happen?”

Today I kept coming back to the fact that regardless of how this story is written, I will love. And I will pray.

Not only that, I also know that there is an army of others out there committed to praying over this sweet boy, his birth parents, and this upcoming adoption. If for no other reason, a band of intercessors has been formed for to speak LIFE over these three that are so precious to the Father.

So I’ll continue to fold baby blankets, clean closets, and pray. This LIFE is worth it.


8 thoughts on “We Speak LIFE!

  1. You truly are an inspiration. As I read your post, my heart is stirred even more with the spirit of adoption and the desire to see little ones like these raised up in godly, loving homes. I thank the Lord for people like you and your husband who have said yes to the call of adoption. I pray the Lord provides all you need and gives you peace.
    God bless! =)

  2. We are praying too. We know both sides of that coin, and it is worth it. I know you know it, but just an encouragement- no matter what, it’s worth it to partner with these three in the last months of pregnancy and delivery. That they are raised before the King of Heaven for at least these months. If at no other time in their lives, they are presented before the One who formed heaven and earth moment by moment. How could it not matter?

    Go Baby Loux #7! You are precious, fearfully and wonderfully made. đŸ™‚

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