Here We Go!

Wow, what a swirl the past few days have been. We’re having a baby, a son!

John and I will be traveling to St. Louis in two weeks to meet this little guys birth parents. You can praying that we will be able to bless them and extend the Love of Jesus to them in whatever way the Lord allows.

I have a few more details on the financial details for this adoption to share with you. We are so blessed that an adoption subsidy in Missouri will cover a big chunk of the agency fee. The agency has reduced the fee to $5,500 ($3,500 of that will be covered by the subsidy). Leaving us to raise only $2,000 for the agency fee. We will need an additional $2,000 for legal fees (some of that may be reimbursed but we’re not sure.)

For now we’re looking at raising about $5,000 for this adoption ($2K agency, $2K legals, and $1K travel). UNBELIEVABLE!!!  I’ve seen the Lord provide over $50K total for our previous 3 adoptions, so this doesn’t even phase me. I know HE has this covered even now.

So here’s the run down:

1. Agency Fees, Legals, and Travel $5,000

2. Home Study Fee (with post placement visits) $1500

3. THE VAN (we are trusting the Lord for $9-10K or whatever it takes)

You may give to our adoption/van fund via TEKOA 211 (tax deductible). You may also use the paypal link in the sidebar. (though that is not tax deductible.)

Please send checks to:

Tekoa 211, PO Box 214, Beaver Crossing NE 68313


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