It’s a Boy and We’re in our 3rd Trimester

Yep, we’re having a baby!

It went something like this.

January- We started our home study for a potential situation that we ended up not presenting to because I was able to find enough other willing families.

February through April- We slowly crawled through the rest of the home study with no specific situation in mind. Just getting ready.

April 20th (I think)- A baby was born with Down syndrome and needed a family. For multiple reasons we felt a NO from the Lord, and I proceed to move forward to help the agency in their search of a family. The amazing Spier family stepped forward, and Baby Jonah was welcomed into his amazing family.

April 27th- We got another call about a baby boy with DS due in July. I put our profile together in preparation to be presented, and after agonizing with the Lord over it, we decided that this was not our child and not the right timing for us. I assure you I wept before the Lord over this one. It was hard to say no.

August 27th (Friday)- I sat down to my email to read “Baby to be born with Down Syndrome.” My heart literally leapt. With a tiny bit of information about the birth family, I call the agency to inquire. They needed profiles immediately. John and I felt a total peace about being presented, so I quickly updated our profile with some of our new family pictures and by Monday our profile was done and was over nighted to St. Louis. We spend the week finishing a few things for our home study (Physicals for John and I, and scheduling FBI prints for Nick, since he’s 18 now.)

And for those of you following me on Twitter and/or Facebook, thus began the mysterious comments.

We waited.

And we waited.

And I was not so patient. I sent emails and was a total pest. For numerous reasons, we didn’t hear about the birthmother’s decision until TODAY, almost 2 weeks later.

At this point in the journey, I will not be sharing much detailed information, other than to say that we have said yes to adopting a bi-racial baby boy who has been diagnosed with Down syndrome and is due to be born October 26th, possibly sooner.

We would ask you to pray:

1. For this precious birthmom, that the Lord would strengthen her and sustain her, and that she would come to know His great love for her.

2. For this little boy to be born with a healthy and strong heart. We are uncertain about his heart at the moment as they have not been able to get a clear pictures via ultrasound.

3. For wisdom and strength as we prepare to welcome this precious one into our home.

Adoption Finance Update:

1. We need to pay the $800 balance on our home study.

2. WE NEED A VAN– though we could go everywhere in 2 vehicles, that is obviously not practical or ideal. We need a 15 passenger van as quickly as possible. (Hoping to raise around $10,000 for this).

3. We are fairly certain that we will have very little expense with the agency fees, but we may have some legal fees. I will update on this as soon as I know. This will be a very very low cost adoption though.

4. Remodeling needs: We need to finish our garage before this little guys moves out of our bedroom. So sometime in the next 4 months or so we need to have our garage converted to make more bedroom space.

We would prefer that all giving to our adoption be done via Tekoa 211 (a non-profit ministry for widows and orphans).

Tekoa 211, PO Box 214, Beaver Crossing NE 68313. (please stick a post it on it, or a note stating it is for either our van fund or general adoption fund)

If you would like to give through PayPal for convenience sake that is fine as well, but it is not tax deductible.

Here we go!


21 thoughts on “It’s a Boy and We’re in our 3rd Trimester

  1. WHAT? That’s awesome!!!! Mazel Tov (congratulations) on your incoming addition! I bet he is so precious and sweet. What a blessing.

  2. I knew something big was brewing in the wind (the holy spirit) and I’ve been praying for you. Bless your family and the birth family. I’ll be praying for this sweetness from God and the birthmom from whom he arrives to you. Blessings and may the time go quickly until you snuggle him and may the funds come easily without effort. Much of His love to you!

  3. i love it, i love the Loux family, i love the journey you all have been on! My heart has grown just watching and listening to you. đŸ™‚
    You are strong, loving, rooted in the word and lovers of God.
    You have keen ears to hear and will always abide in the love of the Father and His leading.
    I’m so proud of who you are . . :))))

    hugs, love and much prayer covering to you!

    XOXO Meredith

  4. Yay!! That is so exciting! Congrats! Praying for you all, the birth mother, and your new baby boy!!

  5. So, I just noticed today that you have a personal blog. Wow! What a great way to be introduced to your family! CONGRATULATIONS! I haven’t read anything about the rest of your family yet – can’t wait to read more! So happy for you!

    Quick story: When Olivia was diagnosed with her heart defect, we were told she wouldn’t live beyone 1 year, adn that nothing could be done. These defects “never heal on their own,” and there was no treatment. I have never prayed so much in my life! Day and night we prayed for healing! I would fall asleep rocking her and crying while I prayed. We had other people pray over her, at least once every week.

    3 months later, we were back at the cardiologist, and they did another echo and told us they had “made a mistake.” She did have a heart defect, but nothing as severe as they had first diagnosed. In their eyes, they were wrong the first time. We know better. We know that the Lord healed her precious heart.

    We’ll be praying for your sweet boy and any healing the Lord needs to do!

  6. OK so we have been sick for about 2 days…..and then I see this wonderful miracle that has happened…..and I am jumping out of my seat with praises and excitement for you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU LORD for this precious life!!!! WE ALL will be praying over you, and for your son – for health, and claiming LIFE ABUNDANTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are also going to be doing our best to help you raise what you need!!!!!!

  7. Yay! You guys continue to inspire. I can’t wait to see pictures of little Loux #7!

    I can sympathize with the two-car situation. We have been using two cars for over a year in order to go anywhere as a family. Thankfully that’s usually only once or twice a week.

    I think it’s interesting how you felt a “no” for certain situations. For the past few months, during which time we had thought we’d be updating our home study already, we have felt a certainty that we are not ready. We think that we will be in a few more months, but adjusting to having six kids age seven and under has been all-consuming. It helps to confirm to me that we are not called to adopt ALL of the children who need a family, but that He has certain ones chosen for our us.

    His timing, His plan, are the best! Congratulations and much love from the Swagertys.

  8. Stumbled across your blog tonight…well, actually…I’ve stumbled here many times…I guess maybe now I’m a lurker…creepy, I know đŸ™‚

    Congratulations to your precious family!! I will be praying for all of you guys..bfamily included!!! 3 of our miracles came to us through open domestic adoption.

    Hugs and I can’t wait to follow your journey to your newest peanut!! God Bless, stacy

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