Once upon a time there was a girl….

After giving birth to my third child, I was exhausted. I allowed the nurses to keep her in the nursery for a few hours so I could sleep. They brought her to me for a feeding and declared, “This is a feisty one!”

Feisty indeed. This girl is a dream. Her passionate exuberance for life inspires me. No matter what she is doing, she does it with all of her heart. She is dramatic, opinionated, and strong willed. I love the way she thinks. I love her wit, her charm, and her charisma.

She is beautiful beyond words, inside and out. She loves Jesus with all her heart.

I cannot even begin to explain the kind of sister she is to her younger siblings. She is a natural born teacher. She gives her all. Many, many times I stand amazed at this incredible young woman’s ability to pour herself out to the little ones. She carries the true “spirit of adoption” deep within.

She is alive with love and passion.

She is my daughter, and I delight in her.

I know He delights in her as well.


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