Tenderhearted Taylor

When Taylor was little, he had some speech issues mostly due to an onslaught of ear infections. It eventually worked itself out and was nothing permanent. I can remember a season however, when I was one of the few people who could communicate with him and understand him. I will always remember the closeness of those days, knowing that when no one else understood, I understood my boy.

He is a magnificent boy. Can you see it in his eyes? The tenderness, the wisdom, the kindness….

He’s a deep thinker. Slow to speak, but full of wisdom when he does.

Taylor sees the world through the the eyes of truth. Things are black and white. He has a heart for justice.

He gives his all to those he loves. He has the heart of a servant in the way that he loves his family. He is the first to see a need and meet it, simply because he loves so well.

My son, my heart bursts with love for you.


3 thoughts on “Tenderhearted Taylor

  1. i LOVE the way you have decided to share these photos. not only are they amazing, but it’s an amazing testimony to your heart and those of your precious children. well stated mama!

  2. Taylor is a precious boy who is turning into a wonderful young man. When I think of Taylor, my heart turns soft and mushy. In my mind, he’s still the little boy who liked to sit and brush my hair.

  3. Oh! Those beautiful, pure, clear eyes. What a window into a precious soul. Thank you for sharing your family with us and the world. Amazing…glory to God Almighty.

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