First Born

I got married just weeks before my 22nd birthday. Seven months later I announced to our family that we were expecting our first child. Two months later I miscarried. While grieving the lost of our first child, I received prayer. The woman praying for me, prophesied that the child I would later conceive would be a “double blessing.”

Later that year we found out we were expecting again, and on July 8th, 1992 we gave birth to our son, Nicholas. For 18 years he has filled our lives with blessing beyond measure. His kindness, compassion, and strength are reflected in everything he does. From his pursuit of the Lord, to his dedication to the gifts he has been given, to his faithfulness in relationships with others, he walks in whole heartedness.

The kindness in his eyes is true.

The tenderness in the expression of his heart is genuine.

He loves well. He lives fully.

With gentleness and compassion, he leads.


3 thoughts on “First Born

  1. Steady Nick. He’s just always been wise beyond his years. I’ve found him admirable for quite a while now and he’s only 18!

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