I, Tracie, take thee John…

John and I celebrated our 20th anniversary last month. Twenty years is something to write about. Twenty years of love and commitment.

Twenty years of “for better or worse.”

Twenty years of “for richer or poorer.”

Twenty years of “in sickness or in health.”

Twenty years of love.

We haven’t done it perfectly. We’ve let each other down. We’ve failed each other at times.

I have know people to quit when things get hard. I have know people who walked away when one has failed the other, hurt the other, or not remained faithful to their vows. Twenty years ago, I married the man that I was convinced the Lord had chosen for me to spend the rest of my life together, and I haven’t changed my mind.


5 thoughts on “I, Tracie, take thee John…

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Something about this strikes a cord and is so encouraging! Blessings to you both!

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