Pee for Three

I’m sorry, that’s so corney, but you’ve heard of “Tea for Two.”
This week we’re working on “Pee for Three.”
Yep, we’re potty training “The Toddlers.”
Speaking of “The Toddlers,” they aren’t really Toddlers anymore, but Daddy insists we’ll be calling the Toddlers for life. You know: The Toddlers First Day of Kindergarten, The Toddlers Learn to Drive, The Toddlers First Prom, The Toddlers First Job.

But I digress. We’re potty training. Training children to use the potty. My hope is that this saves us a bunch of money, and I’ll get to have a “Spa Weekend” once a month. (I’m kidding…. sort of)

My previous potty training theory, “They’ll just figure it out,” wasn’t working. Go figure! So when my van went into the shop with no sign of returning anytime soon, I decided to hunker down and get these kids potty trained. I know you’re supposed to get them prepared- read books, watch videos and so forth, but I prefer the shock and awe approach. HEY GUYS, NO MORE DIAPERS TODAY! You’re gonna wear panties and you get to pee on the potty now!!!

And did I mention there are THREE of them?

The Toddlers Go Shopping

The Toddlers Go Out to Eat

The Toddlers Have Gelato

You get the picture. Three times everything. And in this case “Pee for Three,” I’m counting on some serious peer pressure to kick in so we can this over with.


5 thoughts on “Pee for Three

  1. I went through this with twins. The peer pressure worked great, at first. But I have boy and girl twins, and the girl broke through first and was completely trained before her brother. Then she noticed that he was still wearing diapers, and she decided she wanted to be like him, so she untrained herself. It took a few more weeks and lots of begging and pleading, but they finally both decided to be potty trained. You have to get them all on the same wave length.

  2. We called my brother and sister “the littles” until my brother was taller than me and my mom and finally put his foot down and said “Listen. I’m not little. Stop that!”

    Maybe you can call them The Trio?

  3. I just started training Isabel, too. Sadly, I have no peer pressure to offer her. Although she is headed to preschool next week. Maybe she’ll find some positive reinforcement there! And my 32 year old husband and several of his similarly aged cousins are all still known as “Teen Center” within the family.

  4. Hey Tracie! Those tops look precious on the girls – I had forgot I sent them until I just now saw them! đŸ™‚

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