So Much To Say

I was interviewed the other day for an upcoming blog article. I talked a lot. I’m sure I gave way more information than could possibly be included in the article. I apologize to my beautiful friend Jessica Clark for the amount of sifting and editing she will have to do.

I have so many words in my head and when given the opportunity, they come flying out, let me tell you. I think about books all the time. I don’t even have time to read them any more, but something in me still wants to find a way to write them. There’s one brewing that I plan to co-write with a friend. There are children’s books that I wrote ages ago that need to be illustrated. I guess now that I have my own in-house illustrator, Taylor Loux, maybe that will happen. I long to share our journey with adoption. I want to write a children’s book about Aiden to encourage families with children who have Down Syndrome. And then maybe 10 or 15 years from now, I’ll write a book about Emma. In so many ways, I feel her story is just beginning.

This might have been just a pep talk for me, sorry you all had to listen.

I guess I


2 thoughts on “So Much To Say

  1. That sounds like a great pep talk! Thank you for sharing it. It’s very encouraging and exciting to see a glimpse of the dreams stirring in others. We all have those, and it’s good to hear we’re not alone. And we all need to stir them.

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