Conversations with Emma

Only if you’ve followed our journey will you understand why the two conversations I had with Emma yesterday are still reverberating in my heart and bringing me so much joy.

Keep in mind that just over a year ago, our little girl had no ability to sort out her emotions or communicate them in any other way than to sit, rocking and moaning. Keep in mind that just over a year ago, our little girl was non-communicative, speaking neither Russian or English. She was seriously delayed, emotionally wounded and we weren’t sure what to expect.

Today is another story. Today she plays with dolls and plays make believe like any little girl should. Today she laughs and runs and has a quirky sense of humor. Today she has developed her own opinion about things, and like any developing child, she has begun to say “NO” to me when asked to do things. (I wonder if only adoptive parents rejoice at such milestones!)

Yesterday, my sleep in day, I wandered down the stairs at 8 or 8:30 (yes that’s sleeping in). I grabbed a cup of coffee and planted myself on the couch. I was greeted by two little girls who were bright and cheery, and had been up for some time. Then I caught the odor- the stinky pants odor.

I said, “Who’s sinky?”
Elia said, “Not me, Emma.”
Emma stopped for a minute, got a little glimmer in her eye, and said, “No me. Momma stinky!!” (and then she rolled back her head and laughed hysterically at her own little joke.)
I laughed, she laughed!
Then she continued to tease in a sing songy voice, “Momma poo poo, Momma poo poo!”
She was delighted with herself.
I was delighted with her too.

Later that day I was in the kitchen putting on my lipstick as we prepared to head out the door to a birthday party. Emma watched. (She loves to watch me put on make-up.)
As she watched, she said, “Me, mommy?” (pointing to her lips)
I smiled and responded, “No Emma, just for Mommy.”
Emma then said, “I bigger?” (meaning- When I get bigger?)
I said, “Yes Emma, when you get bigger you may wear lipstick.” To which she happily pranced away.

Those two stories shed a lot of light on the progress that our little Emma has made.
I’ll let you figure it out. You tell me what this says about our girl!


6 thoughts on “Conversations with Emma

  1. Oh Tracie, The Lord has been able to do soooo much in each of you in such a short amount of time! His timing is perfect and he will continue to build trust and security in her little heart each and every day!

  2. Now this is love. This is love that is mixed with the special joys of sweet victory and worthy of celebration! I celebrate with you my dear friend. I celebrate you, momma.

  3. I say it is amazing! Praise God that she is healing…..soaking in God’s love for her…and of course her family’s love for her. May seem small to some, but I say REJOICE!!!! Because when you have seen what you have seen with your eyes- you know đŸ™‚

  4. Hi Tracie!! Great blog! Since you have children with DS I was hoping you could help with something. My cousin who also has DS has severe rashes all across his body. My aunt has tried everything that the dr’s have suggested but to no avail. Anyway, if you have experienced this or know of anything that helps, please let me know! Blessings to you and yours.

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