20 Years

July 8, 2010

If you’ve hung around this blog long enough, you know how much I love this guy. He’s my hero, my biggest fan, my best friend, the love of my life, with him in my life even the impossible seems possible.

20 years is a long time. and 20 more with this guy sounds amazing!

John claims he’s been a dork, and I know I haven’t been perfect. I told him that he was only a dork a couple of times so in the scope of 20 years that’s not too bad. I’d pick him again today if I had to do it all over. I’d say, “Yes” again only with more passion and determination that I did the first time.

Most people do something spectacular on their 20th. We’d love to get away (and we’re still praying for a miracle), but if all we do is look at each other at the end of the day and dream about our next big adventure- like the 15 passenger van we’re praying for and our next road trip, or asking God who He’s going to add to our family next- I’m good with that.

Here’s to 20 more with you, John Loux. You’re my favorite.


4 thoughts on “20 Years

  1. AMEN to that!!!!! Praying with you for a miracle, a van, and your future family members! What a Blessing to be a part of đŸ™‚

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