18 Years Ago

I gave birth to my first child 18 years ago. I don’t remember feeling too young to be a mother or even being worried that I wouldn’t be a good mother. I was too young to know I should be worried I guess. I remember being smitten, head over heals in love with my dark haired, blue-eyed bundle, and so grateful that he was mine.

Nicholas Dean was my only child for 3 1/2 years. We did everything together. I read lots of stories, we went on lots of adventures, and he talked my ear off from the moment he figured out how awesome words could be. To this day, he loves words. Loves writing them, speaking them, and loves being spoken to. I know that one of the best gifts I can ever give my son, is to take time to listen to his heart.

He is 18 now. He’s a young man that I am honored to call son. I love watching him walk out life. He is hungry to grow and learn. He longs to love well and to give well. He has always been a mold breaker, never one to morph, and become part of the “in crowd.” So as I watch him develop as an incredible photographer and grow in his giftings as a singer/songwriter, I marvel at all that God has done in his  life. I can hardly wait to see the next 18 years of his life unfold.

This young man is a remarkable brother to his 5 siblings. He’s going to be an incredible father one day, I know that for sure.

And this year we were blessed to watch a sweet friendship turn into a growing relationship. Amy is an incredible gift to our family. Any young lady who sees the treasure that I see in my son is worth more than gold.

For Nick’s birthday this year, Amy and I planned a surprise party. She was the decoy, telling him that she would be taking him on a birthday adventure for the afternoon on Tuesday since she was leaving town the day of his birthday. I told him that we would probably just have to wait til Amy returned to have his party.  So Amy and I whipped together an Americana themed party based on the artwork of Norman Rockwell. We encouraged everyone to dress in period clothing, and had plans to set up a backdrop in the back yard to reenact some Saturday Evening Post covers.

We had so much fun. Here’s one photos from our evening!

The original

The remake!

Happy Birthday, Son. I love you to the moon and back.


One thought on “18 Years Ago

  1. What a BLESSING he is to your family. Who could imagine life without children?
    Happy Birthday from our crazy family 🙂

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