“Freedom Boy” Adoption Fund Update

The total of the “Renee Loux Adoption Fund,” in just 24 HOURS, is $13,790 (this includes paypal donations and pledges for checks that are going to be sent!!!) WE ARE ONCE AGAIN IN AWE OF THE GOODNESS OF GOD. HE IS SO FAITHFUL!!!!

Anyone who still wishes to give can continue to send their donations. They will be put into Renee’s adoption fund for Phase II of this adoption, a trip in January 2011, to finalize “Freedom Boy’s” adoption, as well as Leeann and Sana’s adoptions. If you committed to give via FB or email, your gift has been counted in this total!!!

From the Bottom of Our Hearts,


The Entire Loux Family


6 thoughts on ““Freedom Boy” Adoption Fund Update

  1. WOW!!!! Praising God!!!!! This is an amazing family…..I am in awe, and so excited to hear of God’s call even when others would have walked away……PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Lord for your provision, your love, your care for all those who are orphaned spiritually and physically. We pray for them to NO LONGER BE ORPHANS, but known as FOUND BY YOU!!!!!

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