Rare Gems

Once in awhile you meet someone who you know will change your life forever. I still remember the day I walked into Diana Downing’s house. For a brief moment she was a stranger to me, but within hours she became a friend I will treasure for as long as I live. She listened to my story.  She listened as I shared my broken heart over the struggles of my journey to find Emma’s heart. She nodding with understanding, handed me tissues, and loved me.

Then she opened her mouth and began to share her story. One of redemption and salvation for her son, Ben. One that carried with it years of heartache, pain and suffering; but one, where woven into the very fabric of its beauty, was hope.

For any of you who have struggled to walk a child through pain and are believing for their healing and restoration, I encourage you to get on board and start following this blog. Make sure you go back to March 2010 and start from the beginning. It won’t take you long to catch up and you’ll be glad you did.

My friend Diana and her amazing husband Tim are rare gems. They loved unconditionally, though it hurt them deeply, and walked out adoption in one of the most beautiful ways I have ever witnessed. They did this years before there were blogs and websites, that many of us lean on for hope and encouragement. They did it before things like RAD and PTSD were diagnosed in adopted children. They did it during a time when there were few resources and very little compassion and understanding for their journey.

I honor these precious friends today for walking out James 1:27 with integrity and faith, leaning on Jesus, for He truly was their all in all.

Please visit Diana’s blog CALL ME OVERCOMER.


2 thoughts on “Rare Gems

  1. Oh dear, my heart is so moved! I felt like I had hit the Friend-Jackpot the day Tracie came into my home and life!!!
    We both love our children, other children, unborn children and all children, as well as art, humor, saintly husbands and above all, our beloved Jesus!
    It was YOU Tracie, that called me out to write a blog and begin the telling of our story.
    I love you too. God is using you to shake so many lives up, and to tenderize so many hearts towards the wounded child and forever families.

    Hugs and prayers sister! Diana

  2. Totally love her blog!!!! Has given me hope that I really needed, and encouragement. Reminding me of who is really the healer, and that HE is victorious even when we may not see it. 🙂

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