Road Trips and Love

We love road trips. For those of you follow our Tweets and Facebook updates, you know we have certainly had a “road trip.” Though our destination was important, sometimes the traveling itself is the part that has the most impact on my life. I know, perhaps you heard about the impact travel had on The Toddler’s bowels, the overheating of the van, the 17 1/2 hour trip that took us 24 hours on the way out and 30 on the way home.  And if you’ve been in the loop, you heard about our nearly 6 hour breakdown at a truck stop with no “amenities” in sight. If you know what it’s like to travel with little ones, you’ll know it goes without saying that there were melt downs, temper tantrums, screaming competitions, and periods of downright crankiness.

But this is what I know: Traveling always, always has a way of solidifying some very important things in my heart.

Traveling solidifies that if I have to spend 3 days, with over 30 hours in a van with anyone, I would pick John Loux every single time. I love knowing that I can sit comfortably in silence or spend hours talking about our life vision. I love that he loves to have me to read out loud to him as he drives. I love watching him listen to music, knowing the stories behind how that music has touched his life. I love watching him think for long periods of time and then asking, “What have you been thinking about?” I love the conversations that follow. I loved being stuck in a van with my best friend. I love that at the end of this trip, we have some solid goals set for some changes we plan to make over the next few months. I love that talking about those changes made our hearts come alive in a very big way. I’d get in the car with that man tomorrow, but I think his back needs some time to recover.

Traveling solidifies the fact that my kids are flat out amazing.

The Toddlers on the road is not much different than The Toddlers at home. They are a trio of love, fun and craziness that keeps me young and reminds me what really matters in this life. Looking back at their sleeping faces made my heart go places that only a Momma’s heart can go.  A few times the craziness was so much that all John and I could do was throw our heads back and laugh.  Yeah we got plenty of looks and the comments, but the ones I will hold on to were ones like “I was adopted too, and it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. What you’ve done is a good thing. God bless you.”  AND “Are they tripets?” (No.) “Well, they sure look like it and they are just adorable.”

My teens: Nick, Taylor and Isabelle are serious rock star siblings. One of our car survival tactics involved paring the kids up, a toddler and a teen per seat. Our older kids agreed in advance who would be their “car buddy,” and did a magnificent job of caring for their buddy the whole trip. The way our older kids love and help with The Toddlers is flat out amazing.  With Isabelle’s dramatic approach to life, Taylor’s black and white view of life and his witty sense of humor, and Nick’s genius way of making me laugh, it was hard to take life too seriously on this trip! These three cause me to worship God in a greater way because of His incredible goodness to me.

Traveling solidifies the fact that I am blessed to have the most amazing job ever.  I worked in the van on the way out and back, and a little here and there in between. I answered the phone whenever it wasn’t totally chaotic. I had two couples get word that their birth moms were in labor. Both couples are with their beautiful gifts from God right now. I was blessed to make a phone call to another couple to announce that they had been chosen by a birth mom as the adoptive parents to her child. I had three exciting phone calls with couples who have decided to start the process, and I was able to get them started on the first steps of their exciting journey. I am so blessed that the Lord has opened up the opportunity for me to do what I do.

Traveling solidifies the fact that I know we’re doing something that matters to God and is changing our lives. I am so excited for what is ahead for us as a family. Hold on tight, it’s going to be an incredible year!

(An update on Derek’s 20th High School Reunion will be next)


7 thoughts on “Road Trips and Love

  1. WE are TOTALLY GLAD that God choose you to do adoptions!!!!!!!! Joanna thinks so too! Love your pics from your trip. We were praying for a good sense of humor & patience. I KNOW it took a lot of both!

  2. Tracie and Gang… This blog is beautiful and reminds me in every way why God keeps pointing me in your direction…whether it’s an email, a text message, reading your blog or just checking your tweets.

    You bless my life every time I see words across a screen.

    I love you guys.

    Amber Marie

  3. Your tender heart just warms me right up! I am thankful that you cried “YES!” when sought by the Lord for this amazing journey of critically changing the lives around you. That you carry yourself so gracefully as you deliver love to many families, but especially as you make the essential eye contact and heart connections with your own God-made lovely family! I love you sista-chica!

  4. oh, i love this so much. your feelings about your loved ones…your life are beautiful. His love is radiating off the screen.

    i’m wondering about your job. i was linked here from someone else for baby jonah, so i don’t really “know” you. do you coordinate adoptions?

  5. Love,
    Your family is beautiful!
    Yes, I am an adoption consultant. I work with couples who want to adopt domestically, to help them through the adoption process (educate, guide, support) and connect them with agencies that need adoptive families, as well as providing families to attorneys and agencies who have emergency situations with no current families to fit the birth mom’s needs.
    I work with couples from start to finish, and love every minute of it!

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