Sex Education and “The Toddlers”

As you know I have three toddlers. Two of the female persuasion and one handsome young man. Between the three of them, there is not a whole bunch of privacy, and not much has been said about the differences in their “parts”- until tonight.

Aiden who has had some tummy issues involving constipation, finally had his bowels let loose. To spare our beloved reader, Father Smith some pain and agony, I will leave out the gory details, though the fact that I used the words constipation and bowels in the same sentence already may have been a bit too much. Sorry, sir.

So as I’m changing that green, runny, smelly diaper- oops, sorry Father Smith– Elia remarks, “What’s that?” Mind you she has seen “that” before, but apparently she just got up enough nerve to ask.

I explain, “That’s Aiden’s pee-pee part.”

She stares.

I explain further, “Boys have a different pee-pee part than girls.”

She stares.

I elaborate, “God made boys different than girls.”

She remarks, “Oh,” and continues to star.

“What’s that?” she says, directing her gaze to Aiden’s testicles.

I explain that it is just part of a boys pee-pee part.

She then says, “I have two, just like Emma. And Aiden has two but one is on the top and one is on the bottom.”

So there you have it folks. Phase one of “The Toddlers” sex education has begun.


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