Baby Jonah is Home

I want to thank you all again for the outpouring of love and support in helping Baby Jonah find his way to his forever family. This was really an acting out of the gospel. And I love watching strangers from the all over the US to Canada, Poland, and even Belgium.

But the little guy is HOME! And I was blessed that he made the trip from Wichita to Kansas City with his beautiful Momma, before flying home out of KC early this morning.

You’ll have to trust me when I tell you that it was an emotional experience for me to meet this precious boy and hold him. My heart nearly exploded with joy and gratitude for his LIFE!

Holding Jonah for the first time.

Telling him how perfect he is, how fearfully and wonderfully made. Reminding him that he is loved by man, and that the Father has an incredible plan for his life.

Gorgeous Boy! Jonah Michael.

My very own Downsie Boy, Aiden absolutely adored our new Downsie Friend, Jonah. He was enthralled. This was an incredible special moment for me. The name the Lord gave us for Aiden, “AIDEN JOSEPH” means “a little flame that will increase.” This moment represented something huge for me. My boy sparked a flame in my heart that cannot be quenched. And Jonah Michael is part of that increase. I am so blessed.

Mother and Child

Sleep in heavenly peace, Baby Jonah. You are safe. You are home. You are loved.


9 thoughts on “Baby Jonah is Home

  1. Awwww… this has been fun! Thank you both for sharing this beautiful story. Praying for a good nights sleep for all tonight!

  2. I love you!!! You’re such an inspiring beautiful woman of God! I’m so thankful that you are a part of my life :?) ….that little question mark reminds me of your little nose ring đŸ˜‰

  3. Tracie,
    Oh how I love reading your blog. And baby Jonah!! This family will be so blessed!

    We are one of Cheri Denmon’s families here in GA (Hope for Adoption). Cheri helped us with our homestudy last year and finished just a couple weeks before we got the call for our angel, Charlie with Downs. We pray that the Lord will open that door again very soon- our hearts and lives will never be the same since He brought Charlie home. We long for more little ones with a little something extra.:)

    We received several calls earlier this year, but God wasn’t ready for us to say “yes”. At that time, Charlie was waiting for open heart surgery. He is now home recovering , and we feel like it’s time to step out of our boat again.

    I love the picture of Momma and baby. So pure.
    In Him,

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