Pennsylvania Bound

Well, before my Dad lets the cat out of the bag…..  We’re headed for Pennsylvania for a little road trip in about two weeks.

Several weeks back, a representative from Derek’s graduating class in Wellsboro, PA, contacted the family to let us know that they wanted to recognize Derek as “Alumus of the Year,” at his 20th high school reunion. Renee had been planning to fly out to speak at the event, but with Sasha’s recent health issues, as well as the emotional stress on the other children, who are not quite ready for her to travel away from them for a few days, Renee has asked us to go in her place.

We will be sharing about Derek’s life, his family, and his passion and vision for orphans.

We are honored to go and are so excited to have the added blessing of getting to visit with family and friends. For those of you who don’t know, Pennsylvania was our home for many years before we moved to Kansas City 4 years ago.

We’ve got two weeks to get ready for a road trip, which in and of itself seems like a rather grand venture for me! Please be praying for all the details to be worked out. Two of the major needs we have are FINANCES to make the trip and a VEHICLE to make the trip in.  We hope to be able to borrow a 12-15 passenger van to make the journey. If anyone has any tips, please let us know. But as you know, we really need a larger van anyway, so I’m really believing for a miracle that we could purchase one before we leave. We are aware of a used one for sale for $4,500 that we may look into. So pray for provision. We know the Lord is in the details, and we are trusting Him!


4 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Bound

  1. Sierra stole my woot, here’s another~woot, woot!! Oh how wonderful to think your mom & dad will have you all in their home! Aiden & Emma will get to see it & PA for the first time! I hope it will work out to see you at church?! Would love to have seen Renee’ and given her a hug, I don’t even know her but love her so much! Praying for all provision needs to be met! Love you guys!

  2. I just can’t thank you enough. I’ll miss meeting Renee. I know you all are close, and I’m really looking forward to seeing you! I can’t think of a better recipient for the award, and it’s a blessing that Derek will have such special people to accept it on his behalf. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. Keep my numbers handy! Smiles and safe travel prayers coming your way!

  3. You’ll be passing our house, only one hour north of us, when you go thru Clearfield. We’re on the edge of Tyrone, near Bellwood and Altoona. What a grand adventure you’ll have! sing a lot!

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