Happy Mother’s Day

TO ME: I am a blessed Momma. I have the most amazing kids on the planet. They make my heart sing. Nicholas, Taylor, Isabelle, Aiden, Emma and Elia I love you to the moon and back, and thank Jesus every day that He chose me to be your Momma. I am so happy to be a Mom today!

TO MY MOM: Mom, you have been a shining example to me of love and faithfulness. Your pursuit of the Father’s heart has provoked me to love Him more. Thank you for being an amazing Mom and Mimaw.

TO MY MOM in LAW: Mom, I know this is heartbreaking Mother’s Day for you. I am so sorry. I love you. Thank you for your devotion to your family. You are an incredible Mother and Nana. Praying that the Father holds you close today.

My Sister Renee: Renee, you are an amazing mother. I am so blessed by the way you are walking out your life in this season. I know Derek is so proud of you. You have been a steady encouragement to me and I love you with all of my heart. Your children are a shining example of all that you have poured out in their lives. You are an amazing sister and friend.

TO MY MOM MENTORS: (Sallie and Cindy) You have been solid rocks in my life and I am so blessed that the Lord has given me such precious friends in each of you. Cindy, I have watched you mother your own children for over 30 years, and you have always been there to encourage and bless me. I love you. Sallie, the impact you have had in my life the past three years has been a true kiss from God. I am honored to call you friend, and so blessed to know you love me.

TO MY SISTERS and MOM FRIENDS: Hundreds of you. Some I know like the back of my hand, and some I know simply because we share the bond of motherhood or have walked the journey of adoption together. I love you all. Thank you for your words of encouragement and your love. You inspire me daily as you each walk out your own journeys as MOMS!

To Elia’s Birthmom: Happy Mother’s Day, my dear sister and friend. Today has been very emotional for me. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for you and for the loving choice you made over three years ago now. I know it was the most difficult thing you have ever been faced with, and I want you to know that I am so proud of you, and so blessed by your life. You gave a precious little girl a chance to blossom and grow and live the life God has blessed her with. She is a priceless treasure.  And you gave me a gift that I can never fully thank you for, my daughter. Elia Jane is the joy of my life. In a family of six children, she is never lost in the crowd. She always shines! She is adored by each and every member of this family, and she knows it!  She is our princess.  I love you, Heather. I am so blessed by your life. I’m grateful that you have been blessed with a son, and that you have worked hard to preserved and keep your marriage.  With all my heart, Happy Mother’s Day. Love, Tracie

To Aiden and Emma’s Birthmoms: I know very little about each of your lives, and I will probably never have the opportunity to thank you for giving life to my precious children. I have no idea the hardship that was upon you each surrounding the birth of your child. I wish I had the opportunity to tell you how happy and alive and amazing your children are. Aiden is a delightful little boy. He’s my wonder child. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for his amazing life. Thank you for giving him a chance to live and be all that God created him to be. Emma is a miracle. Blossoming to live before my very eyes. Funny, compassionate and full of life. She is learning to love and be loved and I am so blessed to be her Momma. Thank you for giving her a chance to be everything that God has for her. She is so worth it.

And To All the Mom’s Who Find Themselves Here Because You are Learning to Love Children from Hard Places: I am proud of you. You are amazing Momma’s for saying yes to the least of these. For welcoming them into your hearts and your homes and giving it all. Happy Mother’s Day to each of you, you’re in the trenches doing what matters the most. Love.


4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Thanks for the sweet, encouraging words! I was blessed and I’m sure the others you included were as well!! Love, Mom
    P.S. Thanks for the nice card, too!!

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