Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs (or Poop)

So today Elia took a morning bath cause she was snotty and gunky from this nasty allergy season that is upon us. I heard her call from the bathroom, “Oh no, Mommy, I pooped.” Sure enough about six little poop balls were floating in her tubby. She then said that she needed to sit on the potty, where she promptly peed and produced one more little poop ball.

First, she wasn’t afraid to tell me she pooped in the tubby. She knew that poop doesn’t go in the tubby, but she also knew she would be forgiven and she followed up by doing the right thing. Her one success, that one little poop in the potty, got more of a response from her Mommy that loves her, than the six poops that were floating in the tubby. We rejoiced. She rejoiced.

Now I suppose a parent who is not walking in love towards a child could have said something like this, “Well Elia, that’s only one poop in the right place, look over there at the six you got in the wrong place. Poop goes in the potty. Do it better next time.”

My response was more like this, “Oops, we’d better drain that tub and clean it up. You go ahead and sit on the potty if you think you have to go more.” She did have more and I was thrilled with her one success and totally unfocused on the six “failures.”

So here is my point. The Father of All keeps no record of wrongs- He is the embodiment of Love after all. But how many times do we fall and forget that forgiveness is available and His offering of grace is immediate? How many times do we forget that He is rejoicing over us with joy as He sees the intent of our heart to honor and please Him with obedience. He is a good Father. Don’t you think He might just be rejoicing more over your one act of obedience, instead of being full of anger over your six acts of disobedience?

Walk into that Grace today. Walk into the arms of a Father who forgives and keeps no record of wrongs. So what if you know better and still managed to get your poop in the wrong place. He loves you. He forgives.

Then take it a step further, and walk it out in your relationships with others: in your marriage, with your children, with your boss, and in your friendships. I’ve had plenty of relationships where someone’s “poop” messed up my day or hurt me deeply. Step into forgiveness, offer grace, and rejoice in the goodness of what that relationship brings to your life.

(I make no apologies for multiple reference to poop in this post. I am a Mom, the Lord teaches me from the place where I am, and most days I am surrounded by poop.)


10 thoughts on “Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs (or Poop)

  1. wow that was timely. I just finished fussing at my son for having ANOTHER accident in his pants and talking through the right way to do it etc etc. But a little grace probably would have gone a lot further! I needed that. It is a choice, I will choose to walk in God’s grace and extend it to my kids and my other relationships. I can do it with them, because HE does it with me! Thanks for the reminder and for being a conduit of conviction from the Holy Spirit! lol!

  2. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. I pray that God gives me the grace to act this way toward my children. My first (and only so far) is only 8 months old. I sometimes worry that I won’t be able to treat her the way God treats us…and I’m sure I won’t at all times…but it’s little moments like the one you just described.

  3. Tracie, thanks for the encouragement. I have too often in my life focused on the messes I’ve made rather than taking the encouragement the Daddy in heaven gives me when I do things right. This is very much in the right timing for me. 🙂

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