Baby Jonah

I am blown away by the outpouring of support for the Spier’s adoption. It really has my head spinning actually. And since the call about finding a family for baby Jonah, I had another call asking if we (John and I) would consider adopting a baby with Down Syndrome due to be born in July. A little more head spinning going on now over that one.

We are not certain it is the Lord’s timing for another adoption for us yet, but we are praying. We are willing to say yes if HE says yes, but we are really listening hard. And in the meantime, I’m working hard to find a family for Downsie baby #2.

Sometimes it’s hard to know if this is a season to be a conduit more than the actual “solution.” Trusting the Lord to lead us.


Baby Jonah has lost some weight and has been moved back the “special care unit” at the hospital. They had expected him to be discharged today but that is not the case. Please keep this precious little guy in your prayers.

In addition, we are only $1600 shy of our fundraising goal of $14,500. How about that? This also makes my head spin.

I’m grateful to each and everyone one of you, many who I don’t know, who the Spier’s family does not know, for giving toward this precious life. I want to do a break down soon of the giving so that you can all see first hand that every $10-$25 helps.


If for some reason it doesn’t work for you, please just go to http://www.paypal.com and give to angelaspier8@yahoo.com


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