Spier Adoption Fund Update

So for those of you who aren’t on Facebook following the fun, in just a little over 24 hours, the body of Christ has come together and has raised just a few dollars shy of $8,500 to ransom this precious life! The family is still short about $6,000 to complete this adoption. Please continue to pray for the Lord to pour out provision over this family. HE WHO PROMISED IS FAITHFUL!

One of my friends posted this on Facebook today and it was so encouraging:

Literal translation for Eph. 3:20 – God is not merely able but abundantly able, bountifully and generously able, with an infinite surplus of resources and eternally able “to do what he had promised.”


11 thoughts on “Spier Adoption Fund Update

  1. Wow!!! Amazed at the $ that has come in – glory to God!!!! What beauty!!!

    Look at that smile!!!! Precious!

    They should apply to Abba Fund for the remainder!!!! Seriously!

  2. oh, he is just PRECIOUS!

    praising Him for the ransom raised……looking forward to watching the rest come in! He is able!

  3. *Tear* – this is better than any movies – love it! Praise God – He is able and doing it!

  4. Keep in mind folks that paypal charges about 3% so the Spiers will need about $600 more to net the full amount.

    Let’s end this tonight!

  5. This is from his future grandparents. We welcome this beautiful little boy to our family. He will be so loved!

  6. Thanks so much for offering us the honor to help with this! My “little bundle” of special joy is now 28 years old and an amazing Man of God! He was the best thing that ever happened to our family, and he still is! The Lord has such a future planned for his chosen ones – they fill our hearts with something priceless and beyond words.

  7. Oh my word… I KNOW them!!! Haven’t seen them in… 5 or 6 years since they left Podunk Indiana!!!

    Congrats Rog and Ang!! You look soo happy!!! And the biggest congrats of all to Jonah!! Welcome Home!

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