3/22/10 GOTCHA DAY

Last year we celebrated World Down Syndrome Day (3/21/10) in Ukraine. The day before our Gotcha Day!

This year we celebrated WDSD by taking our kids to Westin Crown Center for a fun DSG event.

I’ve spend the last few minutes searching back through old posts from last year. (I’ve posted links to those posts below.)

As I look at those photos, I cannot believe how far we’ve all come. It has truly been quite a year.

This is our GOTCHA DAY! Our first night out of the orphanage with Emma and Aiden and we were blessed to celebrate with Chris and Mary Malone (Micah and Matthew).

As I look back at old photos tonight, I can’t believe the change in Emma’s countenance alone. Aside from all of the developmental achievements, the transformation in her spirit is nothing short of miraculous. God has opened her heart to receive love and has taught us how to love Emma. I may may never know fully all of the pain that our children experienced in the first three years of their lives, but I know that the Lord can and will heal them completely. Remember the meaning of Emma Anastasia, “total and complete restoration.” Today I watched as Emma laughed hysterically at something funny Aiden had done and I though, “Oh thank you Lord, her heart has been unlocked and she is feeling JOY!”

Aiden Joseph continues to create more crazy fun than any one child should be capable of. He can get us all rolling with laughter at the drop of a hat. The kid can work a room! He has totally attached to us as his family. His daddy is his hero by the way. He is my little snuggly bug though, who still sucks his thumb while playing with my hair.  We have been asking the Lord for wisdom to help Aiden through some anger and sadness issues. It’s hard to figure out what sets him off, but from time to time he can become inconsolably sad or ferociously angry. We have learned to pray over him when he gets this way and it seems to cause the pain issuea to subside considerably. Today he was so upset that I finally just lay on the floor next to him as he rolled into my arms sobbing and sucking his thumb. I began praying softly into his ear, and he quickly relaxed and rested.  I have no idea what this little guy has experienced or what triggers these kind of expressions of pain, but I know the Lord can heal his little heart.

Thank you for celebrating with us tomorrow and above all thank you for following our journey this past year!

Thought you’d enjoy taking a look back with us.

Blog post from 3/22/09

And a later blog post that features photos from our GOTCHA DAY!

And our trip HOME!


2 thoughts on “3/22/10 GOTCHA DAY

  1. What an incredible journey! Thank u so much for giving us a peice of ur heart and lives! Thank u even more for the example of Gods grace , redemption and love u have shown us thru saving these precious ones! He truely sets the lonely in families! Blessings to ur family!

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