Oh Be Still My Heart

Some days I think being the mother to such amazing children is just going to make my heart explode. This gorgeous, amazingly talented, fiery-hearted beauty makes my heart sing. She was full of pizazz even on the day she was born. She sent me in and out of the hospital numerous times cause she couldn’t make up her mind, and then when she came she was in a hurry and the doctor almost didn’t get there to catch her. I could have handled it without him mind you, but it was nice of him to show up and all.  The first night I was so exhausted, and since it was third time and all, I actually let the nurses have her in the nursery for a few hours so I could sleep. They carried this gorgeous bundle into me in the early hours of the morning for breakfast and said, “You’ve got a feisty one here.” And they were right.

My gorgeous, feisty girl, I’m so glad you were born. You light up my world with so much beauty.

Isabelle turned 12 years old on Jan 24th, and I am just now getting around to posting her birthday party pictures. In the wake of Derek’s death, my sweet friend Alice took the reins and hosted an incredible “Alice in Wonderland” themed birthday party for my very own “Wondergirl.”

My “Wondergirl.” She’s really just spectacular.

Gorgeous place settings.

The birthday girl in all her majesty!

Party time!

Brother and sister swing dancin’ after the party!

Cousin Sophia and Taylor

Uncle John and Michaela

Auntie Heather and Sana


Daddy and his girl!


9 thoughts on “Oh Be Still My Heart

  1. Alice in Wonderland, Hungry caterpillars – Wow! You people know how to throw a party!! Talent abounds! In your “spare” time, you could be event planners. : )

    Happy belated birthday, Isabelle!

  2. My heart feels like it is going to explode at least 12 times a day! I cant imagine what its going to be like when I can actually have a deep conversation with my own little girl! : ) WOW! This is beautiful! I just fell in love with Isabella and I dont even know her. She is a stunning beauty full of spirit!!!

  3. Your daughter prophesied over our family at Passion for Jesus last year and it was amazing. Me and her dad were in tears. She really went for it with our then 4 month old which was awesome b/c most people steer away from saying much over a baby. It was very encouraging. Bless her.

  4. What a GORGEOUS PARTY!! That first picture is STUNNING! Wishing Nick could take some maternity shots of this crew but no traveling for me 😦 until baby gets here.

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