Adoptive Parents UNITE!!!

As you know we were so blessed to be able to attend Chris and Mary Malone’s adoption fundraiser 2 weeks ago.We had an incredible time.

Here we are with Chris & Mary and Wayne & Meghan Dickenson, another couple who adopted from Ukraine last year. The arrived in Ukraine just a short while before we were traveling home with Emma and Aiden. We finally got to meet them face to face!

John and I, Chris and Mary, Wayne and Meghan

No kids? How did that happen? It was so good to get away. Amazing to spend time with our Moore, OK “family,” awesome to get to share our hearts about adoption, but we sure did miss those kids of ours.

If you’d like to meet our friends go here:

Chris and Mary Malone

Wayne and Meghan Dickenson (Marcus and Macey were adopted in Ukraine)

2 thoughts on “Adoptive Parents UNITE!!!

  1. We had a great time getting to meet you in person too. I’m looking forward to the next time we can get together. We would love to meet the rest of your family.
    Meghan Dickinson

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