Forlorn Toddlers


6 thoughts on “Forlorn Toddlers

  1. Oh Tracie,
    As sad as this is, I couldn’t help but laugh. I love your little clan! And I am so blessed to know your family and it’s a joy working with you (even in the moments of “what do we do now?!?!?”).
    Grace grace to you…
    Bless you,

  2. What a beautiful mother you are! No doubt dear, that was a brilliant moment- three crying kids (and Isabelle who is gloriously “Perfectly fine”) and their mom just sitting there and holding them.
    Hug the babies for me.
    All my love to you.
    P.S. Let us realize for a moment that they are crying because there is nothing left to help with. That’s beautiful.

  3. Meghan,
    And what you could not see is after Isabelle announce that she was “perfectly fine.” She and Taylor proceeded to do some ballroom dancing on the other side of the kitchen which made me laugh all the more.

  4. Zoe just watched this with a very sad face and said, “My friends are crying! Can you take me there? Can you take me to Tracie’s house?”. Then she smushed her face into the computer screen (as if Skypeing) and said, “Tracie?! Tracie!!”, but you didn’t answer.

    We must get Zoe a matching apron and throw her in the mix someday. She is convinced she is missing all the fun đŸ™‚

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