People Stare

When I’m in public with my children people stare. It started this spring after Aiden and Emma came home, and we began our daily outings to the playground. Six children in tow. People stare.

Some are brave enough to ask questions. Some just ponder. I love the pondering type and wonder what they are thinking.

I’ve decided that before my next trip to Target or Sam’s club, or at least come Spring when our trips to the playground start up a gain, I should design a t-shirt.

It would read:

“To Answer Your Questions:

1. Yes, they are all mine.

2. No, they are not twins or triplets.

3. They are 17, 14, 12, 3, 3, and 4

4. I gave birth to the taller three.

5. I chose the smaller three.

6. Yes, He has Down syndrome. Please don’t feel bad for me, I happen to love him that way.

7. Yes, She’s a bit quirky, but she’s a keeper!

8. No, I do not think 6 children constitutes a large family.

9. Nope, I’m probably not done yet. I’m pretty sure there are some other keepers out there that might need me.

10. Have a nice day!


28 thoughts on “People Stare

  1. I love this Tracie. We have 7 children and people are always staring. When my mom came to visit we went to Wendy’s and my mom asked why everyone was staring at us. I was used to it, so I just said “they always do.” We probably aren’t done having children yet and in the future we hope to adopt.

  2. Thanks….just when you think that you’ve arrived and “gotten used to it” someone….usually seeming inteligent asks the most ridiculous questions….like…OH…Where did you get that one?…my personal favorite answer is “Isle 7…their on sale!” ugh…

  3. I HEAR YA! We get the stares too especially with 6 kids in tow and a pregnant belly LOL! LOVE IT! A chance to witness to all about the beauty of adoption BUT it does get annoying 😉

  4. I will buy one when you get them done! Thanks for making me smile. I love your response, Michelle!


  5. I would surprise you with that shirt when we come out, but I have a feeling someone in your clan could design a pretty cool one.

  6. Get the design made, and I will pay for the “screening,” and at least a dozen shirts for our Michigan vacation.

    Design idea… leave a spot to add, “I’m their Memaw, or I’m their Papa, or Aunt, etc.

    Love ya! Papa

  7. OMG that was aweseme!!! I think that you should totally do it,and then make a shirt for them to wear that says “see mom for details”. You are so funny and very good at marketing.

  8. When I can actually get all my kids out in one place, we are a stinkin’ freak show. Not only do they stare and ask questions, but they assume that Jackson is the father of all these kids and it’s ENTIRELY creepy!!! I want a t-shirt that says, “I’m Her Oldest Son!” and make him wear it. Happened again yesterday at Costco and we only had Piper and Anna. Didn’t want to mention that there were a bunch more at home that we didn’t have arms or carts to hold : )

    I think we should plan a trip to WalMart with your tribe and mine. Carts, leashes, whatever it takes. It would be making a memory!!!

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