Help Bring Ruslana Home

Friends like Chris and Mary Malone don’t come along every day. I remember last fall, when we started an email correspondence with Chris and Mary after realizing that we were moving forward with our dossiers at nearly the same pace. The children we were committed to adopting were at the same orphanage, and as we continued to move forward it became clear that we would even be in Ukraine at the same time.

John and I had been in Ukraine for two weeks, when Chris and Mary arrived. I still remember the day they walked into our “favorite” little restaurant and we met face to face. In the months that followed we grew to consider them dear friends.

If you were able to attend or watch Derek’s memorial service, you were introduced to Chris and Mary and their son Micah. Chris and Mary have an incredible family. They have 5 biological children (their son Eli was born with Down Syndrome.) Last year, as many of you know they traveled to Ukraine and adopted two boys with Down Syndrome.

They are currently in process of adopting a daughter from Ukraine now. “Ruslana” also has Down Syndrome and considered high risk of being moved to an institution. John and I are asking you to consider stepping up to the plate and giving to the Malone’s adoption fund.

We are committed to stand as a voice for the unwanted and unloved and to do everything we can to see these precious children brought into loving homes. If you would like to partner with Chris and Mary to help bring Ruslana home, please VISIT THEIR BLOG for details and donate!


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