Photography Memorial for Derek

Dear friends,

John and I sat with our children last night and I read your many comments and blog posts sharing your love for our family and the impact Derek had on all of your lives. Every word was like a gift. Thank you.

Today Renee has asked me to reach out to you for help with a memorial for Derek. If you or someone you know has been touched by Derek’s message and has been spurred on to adopt, we would love to have a photo of your child at Derek’s memorial service.

I am asking that you email me a high quality image to my email at tracie@thezoefoundation.com. I will then have the photographs printed into 8×10’s and framed for a display at Derek’s memorial. Please include your names, your city, state, and a very short statement on how Derek’s life impacted your adoption.

Anyone wanting to contribute to the cost of framing and printing the photos can email me as well.

Thank you so very much on behalf of the entire family,

Tracie Loux

Derek with our precious Aiden in Ukraine. This little miracle boy would not be in our home were it not for Derek’s passion and pursuit of the Father’s heart for orphans. What a legacy this precious brother of mine has left behind.


16 thoughts on “Photography Memorial for Derek

  1. Any idea at this point when the memorial will be? And do you know if they will webcast it like they did Jill’s?

  2. I’d love to help with this though we are not able to adopt in the UK. But his post on Redemption is why the Reece’s Rainbow calendar that I made became titled Redemption.

    Please tell Renee that I would love to help, whether it be doing artwork or anything. I also paint and would love to do a painting for them. I live in London in the UK so not sure about time restraints but please tell her anything I can do, design, artwork, writing, painting, anything. If I can do it and she would like me to I will.

    Please share our condolences with her.

    Also, I posted about Derek about the Reece’s Rainbow calendar http://www.reecesrainbow.blogspot.com and shared something I’d written just a few days earlier. I thought it was for orphans. It was going to be part of a post on the Angel Tree. What I didn’t know is that God was writing to me about Derek. I’ve posted it below his photo on the RR blog.

    I know heaven is rejoicing and worshipping with his songs right now. I also know Derek has his arms around the many orphans that never knew a daddy here on earth up in heaven.

    Heaven’s gain is clearly our loss. Please tell Renee’ anything I can help with I will, even if that only means I am helping her family on my knees.


  3. What a wondeful idea… and though I have no pictures to share … I just want to say that I have learned first hand how doable adopting is… I know God is saving some kids for me to raise one day (soon, I hope!). Bless you Tracie!!

  4. We heard about Derek on our local news, and are very sorry for your loss. As I look at your web site, I see that he was obviously a remarkable man, with an inspirational message and goal in life. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  5. Tracie & fam,
    Kurto and I are constantly thinking about your entire family. I just wanted to say that Kurto is the Father he is today because of Derek and his impact on him. Four years ago Kurto was content with just one child. He often told me he did not desire more. As he began to work with Derek the Fathers heart became such a reality to him and the healing that went on in Kurto to become the Father that God has called him to be became such a tangible reality. Although we have not adopted yet I would definately say we have Aubrey because of Derek. Being around Derek and his family caused Kurt to long for more children, become confident in his role as a Father and leader of his children and have an open heart to ask God for as many children as he would have for our family. I know we will have many more to come through adoption as it is burning on our hearts. We are so overwhelmed and yet thankful for all of you at this time. Our prayers continue and we pray for your peace and comfort today on Christmas.

  6. We were so saddened to hear about Derek’s death, and our hearts go out to his family and all those whose life he touched. I’ll never forget the time I heard Derek sing at our local high school; I think he had composed the song as well, and I was blown away by his talent. We’ll be praying for God’s comfort and love to surround you.

  7. With sympathy Traci and family,
    I knew Renee and Derek while they lived in Indiana, I have known Renee and stayed in touch since then and remember when they had little Sophia and then Mackayla later. I don’t want to call Renee and both the family, but I wanted to let everyone know how deeply sorry I am to hear about Derek. I have told both he and Renee many times how they have inspired me in my life with my family, and I just spoke to Renee a few months ago when our dear friend Sam died here in Indy. I was hoping to find out about any memorial services for Derek. I’d appreciate any info, thank you so much, and God Bless. Please send my condolences to Renee and children, and John and Mimi as well (Renee, Sam, Mimi and I all worked together here in Indiana)

  8. I have been deeply moved by your loss over the last few days. Although I did not know of your story until Randy B. posted about the loss, my mind and heart has been consumed with prayer for your family.

    We are currently trying to adopt again and actually I have been discouraged and ready to give up. So many calls with hopes of a child only to end up not working out. I do know God has an amazing master plan, but being patient can be tough at times. This story as well as a few special God hugs over Christmas has given me the desire to continue to wait and trust.

    In the mean time we have two beautiful daughters (ages 7 & 8) we adopted 4 years ago. I love them dearly and am so thankful for God drawing our hearts to the hope of adoption.

  9. Tracie;

    My Knight and I have been praying day and night for Renee, as He leads we will continue to pray. Our hearts ache for all of you-I know your loss must be huge.

    I wish I had words that could be a comfort to you, I am truly so sorry for your loss my sweet friend.

    AT one point of my praying, I found myself reverting back to childhood and asking God for a “redo”…as my heart ached so much for all of you. I know that God has His loving hand on all of you and that Derek’s accident was not a surprise to our loving Father…praying that the Holy Spirit is very real to you now in this time of mourning and that you will find comfort and strength from Him.

    love you friend;

  10. Wow I can’t believe Derek Loux has gone on to be with Jesus, he inspired us so much when he spoke at our Intro to IHOP not just to adopt but to take every opportunity to do works of justice for God’s kingdom, we will remember each word he spoke, and do our best to walk in the light of such a wonderful example of Christ’s love. Praying for the love and comfort of Christ to be released to all his family.

  11. I stumbled onto the Loux’s blog and was mesmerized by his journey. It opened my eyes to the tragedy of so many children with disabilities around the world, how the love of a family can be transforming even to the most needy, and the many ways we can help to save these children. Thank you, Derek, thanks to your story I have contributed to countless fundraisers, and sponsored new families and children waiting. I have shared your journey with other people who are now also inspired to do what they can and they in turn have passed it on and so on and so on. It’s a ripple effect of one man’s actions in a life that was too short but so well lived. I hope this is some comfort to his family, especially the older members who can appreciate the extent and impact of his legacy. My heart aches for his sweet little children who have already suffered such losses in their lives and are now simply missing their Daddy.

  12. Oh Tracie, my heart aches for the pain that your entire family is facing. I just want you to know that I will be responding to the Holy Spirit with obedience in praying for your precious family…day or night, I will respond in prayer. I pray that you are blanketed with unspeakable peace and that the presence of the Lord envelops each and every one of you in profound ways.

  13. I am compiling a Loux genealogy on the descendants of Johan Peter Laux/Loux and Catharine Haines Loux. So, I am interested in those who spell their name Loux. In the genealogy is the following: ” John Nelson Loux, Jr,. born 6 November 1949. He married Miriam Elise McNally, daughter of Robert Mc Nally and Miriam Dolling on 28 December 1968 . Miriam Elise McNally was born in Brookline Massachusetts. Their children are: John Robert Loux, born 6 October 1969; Derek Richard Loux, born 25 August 1972 and Heather Loux, born 24 July 1975. Could this possibly be the family of Derek Loux who was killed in that tragic accident? My deepest sympathies go out to the entire family. Edna Loux.

  14. Edna, Yes this is our family that you refer to. John Robert Loux, born 6 October 1969 is my husband.

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