One Year Ago

One year ago, Derek and Renee where in Ukraine on the first long leg of their adoption of Sasha, Ethan, and Silas. We had heard news prior to their trip in early December that some of the children from the orphanage had been moved to an institution. If you’ve followed the story, you know that Micah (then Misha) was one that was moved. Micah is now safe and flourishing and is the the son of our dear friends Chris and Mary Malone.

We were trusting the Lord, but at the same time were battling fear that our precious Aiden may have been moved.

Imagine our delight when on December 11, 2008 we got this email and picture:

Hey Sweetie,

Guess who ran into my arms today? 🙂  Your little Aiden!!!!!  He came right into the rooms and ran into my arms.  He raised his arms to me, wanting me to pick him up. My facilitator gave me a cautioning look to wait. He knows I’ve been trying to get this little punkin’s pic since we arrived.  He got the worker distracted and told me to snap the pic quick.  So, here it is!!!!  I got away with it!!!  He is more precious than words can describe.  I blew him kisses when the worker took him away and he blew one back to me!! He walks on his own, he runs,  and is very healthy!  He will absolutely melt your heart.  He has the most precious spirit.  There are just no words to describe his spirit!

I have to run. I just wanted to get this off to you as soon as possible.

Love you!


I still keep this picture on my fridge. It speaks volumes to me. It speaks of hope and reminds me daily of the goodness and faithfulness of God. Because of LOVE He put his finger on this one and with all His divine power ushered Aiden into our family and into our hearts. Celebrating LIFE this Christmas, won’t you join us!


3 thoughts on “One Year Ago

  1. I agree with Lauren. His cheeks are fuller, his eyes are brighter, and he is exactly where he needs to be. He is blessed, but we are blessed, too!

  2. I so remember this! I am pretty sure tears flowed down my face as they did many more times as we watched your journey! Love you all and Merry Christmas!

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