Pajama Day

So yesterday I didn’t get a morning shower. I showered the night before, which is all good and well, but if I shower at night I wake up with “Little Orphan Annie Meets Home School Mom” hair. I managed to wash my face and throw a sweat shirt on over my pajamas. I looked pitiful.

We decided mid-morning to hang the Christmas lights out front. After all it was above 20 degrees, so we figured we better make a mad dash and get it done. We rustled around getting The Toddlers” clothed- no small task. Once “The Toddlers” are bundled up, they have no patience what so ever to wait for the rest of us. They stand their like Ralphie’s little brother, Randy from a “Christmas Story,” and nearly knock each other over with their excitement.

So, I did what any good mom would do, I just threw on some pants on over top of my pajamas and called it “dressed.” Hey, good thermal insulation right?

We had a grand time hanging lights and eating snow, or whatever else looked interesting enough to taste. Aiden was particularly fond of rock salt. He also decided to sit down in the snow and remove his hat, gloves, boots, and socks. He was promptly banned to the indoors and had to watch from the picture window. He didn’t mind. He made faces at the girls and got them laughing which was good enough for him.

After lunch Elia, Taylor and Isabelle tried to secretly get ready for a “date with on of our amazing OJC staff, Joshua. Aiden and Emma quickly caught on to the excitement at hand and panicked when it didn’t appear that they were included in whatever involved getting on shoes and coats. Aiden was rapidly signing “shoes” and “coat.” Emma was moaning, “Shoes, Shoes, Shoeas, Go!!” Aiden and Emma were following Elia around like their lives depended on it. Elia finally couldn’t hold the secret in any longer and was a bit overwhelmed by their hovering, so she belted out, “NO!!!! MY SPECIAL DATE WITH JOSH!” (Did I mention that Elia has a small crush on Josh.)

After a little family counseling session and some inner healing ministry, in which I explained that my decision to keep them home was out of love, I finally got Emma and Aiden down for their naps. Aiden complied after a few minutes of wailing face down on the carpet, but Emma was in mourning for over an hour. She fell asleep crying, “Elia, Elia, Elia….”

When John came home for lunch, I apologized for my fabulous “Little Orphan Annie Meets Home School Mom” hair-do. He said, “Hey, well at least you aren’t still in your pajamas,” to which I lifted up my pant leg to show him the red and pink plaid pajamas that were still very much on.

The good news is today I was showered and dressed before 11AM.

P.S. Any reference to “Home Schooling Moms is made in pure fun. I am one after all.


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