Tis the Season to be JOYFUL

It’s not that I don’t have plenty to say, it may be more that I have no time to say it.

I am absolutely loving this season. Everything is new again. I get a bit emotional thinking of all the firsts for Emma and Aiden. First Christmas Tree, first ornament to start their collections, first drive to see the Christmas lights, first snow (that they are allowed to enjoy!). It seems there is a new first everyday.

I’m not even stressed out about the things that normally get to me this time of year. Like, how on earth am I gonna get gifts for everyone? The Lord always seems to provide, even when there is nothing in the bank. Every year He has provided for our children, and after all of the many ways He has blessed us this year, why should I worry and doubt now about Christmas?

Today the kids woke up to their first snow. It was magical. Elia and Emma sat at the back window squealing with delight. Elia sharing that she will go out and “throw it” and then she will “ride it round and round.” She was totally shocked that there was also snow in the front yard. She said, “Front yard too. WOW!! Crazy!”

Aiden is still sleeping, but when he wakes up I get to experience the world through his eyes and enjoy his pleasure in seeing the white sparkling blanket that the Father has draped across our front lawn just for him this morning.

Ready for a drive to go see Christmas lights.

First Christmas visitors bearing gifts! Dear friends Brian and Dorean came to Kansas City to see their big kids who are here on staff at IHOP. They made some time to visit their little kids too!

The Toddlers pick out our Christmas Tree!

Aiden and Emma’s first ornaments to start their collections. Elia’s third. Elia’s is the blue elephant, Emma’s is the yellow giraffee, and Aiden’s is the orange/yellow lion. Can you spot them? These are to remember our numerous trips to the zoo this year!

“Snowmen” ornaments for the big kids.

A year ago, our dossier had been received by the Ukrainian government, and we had been given a travel date of February 5th. Today Aiden and Emma are in our home ready to celebrate their first Christmas. I’ve got the JOY JOY JOY JOY, down in my heart!


6 thoughts on “Tis the Season to be JOYFUL

  1. Tracie,
    I often get tingles all over when reading your blog. The stories of Aiden, Emma, and Elia are simply miraculous. My boyfriend’s family is adopting their third girl from China the day after Christmas. It’s been a long journey on this adoption, but they are finally going to get their girl! I wanted to say thank you for sharing about your family and your adoption journeys. I love seeing Emma’s and Aiden’s faces lit up! They’ve come a long way because of your family’s love that I know can only come from knowing the Father. Blessings this Christmas!

  2. So many wonderful “Firsts” and each season will add more joys! Rejoicing with you that God has been so very gracious! Thank you Lord for the needed provisions that will also come from Your bounty and treasure!

  3. I used to worry that working with kids, every day would be the same and I would get bored. Now I know that is impossible. Each day is filled with a new adventure and fun stories to share. I am so thankful to be a part of your family and a part of all the firsts in my precious little ones lives!

  4. I so recall a year ago now! What a joy to be this side of it all! Now my heart breaks for those children left behind that won’t have these wonderful experiences. How blessed I am to see the joy of this season through your babies eyes! And through your eyes mama! Love you all! Merry, merry Christmas!

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