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Giving Thanks

As I write this post, I am seriously hoping someone knows what Aiden is up to because I can’t see him. So I’ll type fast and hope for the best. Elia and Emma are happily cleaning the family room sliding doors with baby wipes.

Yesterday was a day for giving thanks. I may not have verbalized my thanks as loudly as some, but the gratitude that was swelling in my heart was loud and clear. I am so blessed.

I am blessed that we stood hand to hand in a very large circle with friends who are a true gift from God to our family. It used to be 13 of us. The Bohlender 6, Grandma B, and The Loux 6. Now we stand hand to hand with 7 extra sets of little hands that make our circle bigger and our hearts so much richer.

The feast went down something like this.

Complete with Toddler Table.

And the Twinnie Station.

A couple of cool teenaged boys who are not usually in the pictures because they are taking them.

Now if we would have told them they had to play here, they would have had nothing to do with it, but this playpen (who may never be the same) kept them occupied for a few minutes.

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “The Toddlers”. In 3 years, these 6 children have come into our lives through adoption. And for this I give thanks.

(This post has come to an abrupt end for reasons beyond my control)


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