The little ones were up starting at 5:20AM this fine Thanksgiving morning. Amazing how it can be 8:40AM and feel like half a day has passed already. I am feeling so very thankful today as I consider all that we have been blessed with this year.

I’m thankful that at 5:20AM a little girl named Emma wandered into our bedroom knowing that it was a safe place, a place she would find love.

I’m thankful that at 6:00AM a little girl named Elia snuggled in bed with us singing her ABC’s and stroking her daddy on the face.

I’m thankful that at 7:15AM a little boy named Aiden was carried down the stairs in his daddy’s arms, delighted beyond measure to find an enormous blueberry muffin waiting on his plate.

I’m thankful that at 8:45AM my beautiful Isabelle came in to greet me with her sparkling blue eyes, kindness and compassion dripping from her countenance as she told me a cute little story about her tiny siblings.

I’m thankful that at 8:50AM I found my handsome son Taylor curled up under a cozy red blanket enjoying the bliss of Thanksgiving morning. I’m thankful that this is his favorite time of the year, and that his 14th birthday is just around the corner.

I’m thankful for the amazing Nicholas who is still nestled all snug in his bed, because he’s 17 and because he can. I’m thankful for all the surprises that God is lavishing on him in this season of growing up. Thankful for all that is ahead for him.

I’m thankful for my amazing husband who is my partner and best friend in this crazy life we live. I’m thankful that we’ve walked through life for 20 years and are more in love than ever.

I’m thankful for family and friends who have surrounded us this year with love and have partnered with us to see Emma and Aiden rescued and brought into our family. Thank you for rejoicing with us and sharing in our journey.

I’m thankful that the Father made a way for me to be adopted into His family. I am thankful that He paid the price to redeem my life with the life of His very own Son. I am thankful that He calls me His daughter. I am thankful that He loves me and pursues my heart even though I fall short so many times. He is a good, good Father.


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